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Unbreakable Heart Nose Ring/Clip

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Size: 20G
Material: Stainless Steel
Gender: Unisex, Men's, Women's
L shaped nose ring  , and nose cuff 
One side actually has a real piercing and the other side has a nose cuff 
The Unbreakable Heart Nose Ring/Clip comes in two separate pieces (the actual L shaped nose ring and the cuff with chain attachment). This is for you, the customer, to attach how you please. The L shaped part connects to any part of the chain then goes across the bridge of your nose. The cuff should be in one nostril with the actual nose ring in the other side.  

   *To preserve the lustrous finish of your new jewelry, avoid exposure to water and humidity.. When cleaning jewelry, do not use any cleansers or solutions as the chemicals can degrade the finish. For best care, wipe jewelry with a soft, dry cloth until clean and store in original packaging to prevent scratching.